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PromRules! Get all the school prom rules, bans, prom dance, and prom dress guidelines


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prom and Wedding Season is just around the corner: Start Preparing after Christmas Holidays!

Remember that prom night is the pinnacle of the whole high school experience. Many young women and men are known to have been saving for quite a few months for this event. In addition, they get their parents to willingly open their wallets. Some parents just know how important this event is in their daughter and son’s life. After all, if they did not have their own parents to lavish on them, they don’t want their own children to go without. By sheer joy, duty or guilt, some of these parents are willing to spend. They reason that is what their daughter wants to be happy. To get a head start, everybody must have a game plan. The key word is planning.

It must be noted that some school principals are known to cancel prom parties after learning of the exorbitant costs for hall or house rentals and other products. The parents who can afford it just pick up the bills that may run in the thousands of dollars.

New York New York Biz: Finest Wedding & Prom Dresses

The Perfect Prom Dress, Purse and Shoes
Hey, mothers and young women, this is bonding time! Your mother will want to pass on to you her great shopping, dress-hunting skills. Listen to her advice even though you already know what you want to buy. After all, you know what’s hip or in style . While you are there, you can get some tips on cakes and caterers.
AllpromDresses will have a list of all the stores you need to shop at. For example, J.C.
Penney, Marshall Field’s, David’s Bridal and Nordstrom, Gottschalks are some of the stores that may be on your long list. So once again, timing is very important. The earlier you start, the more success you will have. Disappointments will be out of the way. Keep in mind that if you want to buy, you can always make this dress available for rent next prom season. And if you can’t buy, you can rent. Make sure that you go to a store to select your dress. If there’s any tailoring issue, make sure you have an appointment.

More and more women choose to go the rental way just like guys do for their tux. They can wear their dream dress for one night instead of paying up to a $1000.00 on a dress which they will wear for one night. Rental is an option.

The Limo

If you are younger than 18, bring your parents who will sign for you. If not, make sure you know how many people will be part of your group. Limos can fit from 10 to 22 people. Make sure you reserve the right one at least four months ahead of the prom season. You don’t want to run into the case where weddings and other prom competitors get the last limo

Choosing House or Hall Rentals for prom or grad parties

If you are going to throw a party, contact the owner or landlord ahead of time. Usually, they ask for a downpayment. Depending on the rental cost, it can in the thousands of dollars. If you don’t get this prime dance spot, others will in a heartbeat. If your party group can’t come up with the money, try to enlist sponsors ahead of time. This way, you will be able to deliver better.

Remember that your parents are usually on this with you. That’s their chore! Maybe, all you will need is a tent with some decorations. If you are thinking about having lots of children around, try to keep them busy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Prom Rules: No Smoking, Drugs, Weapons, Pocket Knife Allowed

"...(Rules)They will be strictly enforced. Anyone violating these rules will have their parents called and sent home. Let’s make this a memorable evening.

"The dress will be Sunday dress to formal.
The guys may wear pants, shirt, and tie, suits or tuxes. (no casual wear, please. You will be sent home)
The girl’s dresses must be tasteful. This means: no skin tight or see through dresses, no cut outs in the dresses, and no slits or hems above the knees. Necklines need to be tasteful, i.e. no cleavage showing. Strapless dresses will be allowed, but they must be cut in line with the armpits and may not dip down in the middle. Elastic top dresses are not allowed unless they have shoulder straps. Backs may not be lower than the bra line. (Crisscross straps or any other form of strapping are not considered a back!)" (Archdale-trinity home school associates).

In case the parents and the students need some help to buy the right dress and tuxedos, the school's people give some suggestions:
Prom Dress Web Sites

Hey kids, just be aware of the rules!

Strict Prom Rules: Students Receiving Homebound Instructions May Not Attend Prom Ceremonies

Who else would benefit from attending a prom dance? Students on homebound instructions would greatly benefit, but this set of rules prohibits them from setting foot on the dance floor. They can't even show up at the door. (This information is published here and elsewhere only to help students realize that their principal is not that bad. The rules are there for a reason.)

Find out for yourself.

"Dear Parent/Guardian, Students and Guests:

The Prom is one of the most important and enjoyable events of the school year. The class has worked hard to make this year’s prom the best yet.

Please help us make your prom a pleasant and memorable event by reviewing the following reminders:

In order buy prom bids, all obligations must be paid in full!

1. Students must attend a full day of school on Friday before the prom in order to attend the prom. Any student absent from school will not be permitted to attend the prom. There will be no refund. Early dismissal requests will not be honored on this day.

2. Any student involved in any significant disciplinary infractions and/or suspensions prior to the prom will be reviewed by the administration to determine eligibility for attendance. There will be no refund.

3. The prom is a school sponsored activity. ALL school rules and regulations apply.

4. The people attending must be registered with the class advisors and must have signed permission slips by Friday, May 9th. Failure to comply will result in that individual not being admitted. Non-student guests are the responsibility of their escorts and subject to all school rules and directives by school personnel.

5. The administration reserves the right to exclude any person before or during the Prom that, in its judgment, is acting or behaving in a manner detrimental to the success of the Prom.

6. Any student and/or his/her date arriving under the influence will be denied admission and appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action will occur. Disregard of the rules may result in suspension and exclusion from other class activities, specifically graduation.

7. NO ALCOHOL is permitted (even for the 21-year-old). Consumption of alcoholic beverages is against the school rules (As per student handbook). This infraction will result in suspension from school and/or subject to the attention of the local Police Department. Any student who is suspected to be under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance will have their parent contacted and must have that parent pick you up as per Board policy #5530.

8. Once at the prom, make certain you have everything with you; i.e. cameras, makeup, corsages, etc. Once you are in the prom you may not leave the building. If you do, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

9. Bids may not be sold or given to other individuals.

10. The Administration reserves the right to make decisions regarding age appropriateness for escorts of Southern Regional High School. No middle school students are permitted to attend the prom.

11. The prom is a formal function and requires latitude in the school dress code. Students and guests are expected to exercise good taste in selecting their attire. If necessary the staff will determine the appropriateness of students’ attire. Anyone not properly attired will not be admitted.

12. All student obligations must be satisfied before attending the prom.

13. Because the song list has to be pre-approved, no song requests will be honored on the evening of the prom.

14. Students attending the prom must arrive no later than 8 PM. NO admittance after 8 PM.

15. Students on homebound instruction are not permitted to attend the prom

16. Any student who has been notified by the administration that he/she is ineligible to attend the prom will not be admitted under any circumstances" (Student Life).

Once again, NO ALCOHOL is allowed even for the 21-year old and older guests who are parents, chaperonnes and school graduates.

Detailed Dance & Prom Guidelines: No Gang Attire

The Concordia Lutheran High School cadets have a very detailed set of rules regarding prom and dance.

The following is an excerpt from the school's dress code policies:

"CLHS Dance Policies and Guest Form
The dress code stated below will be in affect for all dances sponsored by Concordia Lutheran High School. If a student or guest is in violation of the dress code he/she will be asked to leave the dance.

All shirts, blouses and dresses must have whole sleeves. They must cover the abdomen and back at all times (including when students are sitting and when stretching arms over their heads). Halter tops, strapless, low cut, sheer, and unbuttoned blouses/shirts are not permitted. Dresses for the PROM and Christmas Dance may be “off the shoulder or strapless”. Writing on shirts is limited to Christian writings, CLHS team/club shirts and school names.

Skirts and dresses must fall to the knee. Low cut dresses and tight fitting skirts or dresses are not permitted.

All pants must be hemmed, worn at the waist, and may not drag on the floor. Pants may not be torn, frayed, patched, or written upon. Sweat pants, wind pants, and baggy pants are not permitted. Shorts may be worn but must adhere to the same guidelines as pants and must have an in-seam of at least 4 inches, except for Christmas Dance and PROM.

Flip-flops and athletic slides may be worn, except for Christmas Dance and PROM.

Hats, bandanas, scarves and sweat bands may be worn at the dance, except for Christmas Dance and PROM.

Coats designed primarily for outdoor wear must be hung on the coatrack and not worn during the dance.

Pierced jewelry may be worn in ears only. Wallet chains and other large chains are prohibited.

Any clothing which is determined to be disruptive by the school administration may be prohibited.

The school administration may amend this dress code to fit a “theme dance”.
Concordia reserves the right to restrict any dress or behavior which may be gang-related or related to any other group associated with illegal activities. This includes but is not limited to the wearing of gang colors, gang graffiti on clothing or books, gang-related tattoos, gang hand signals, the carrying of a paging device, and any behavior which through its association with gangs is intimidating or threatening to others. The parents of any student acting or dressing in such a manner will be contacted and appropriate changes will be expected. Since gang activity is most often illegal and dangerous to the safety and well-being of all, any student who becomes a member of a gang and is so identified will be immediately dismissed from Concordia for the safety and well-being of the Concordia family" (CLHScadets.com

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Ready for Prom: What's being published about Prom

"The Prom is a formal event, and no blue jeans or casual clothes will be permitted. Kemp High School's Dress Code will still apply with some exceptions. Girls may wear spaghetti straps or strapless dresses. No dresses may expose any part of the midriff. This includes no cut-outs or sheer fabrics in the middle of the dress area.
You are allowed to wear backless dresses, but must not descend past the waistline. Girls must remember the three B’s; no busts, no bottoms, and no bellies. Guys should be clean shaven, except for mustaches that meet Kemp High School’s guidelines. To all students and guests, there should be no visible body piercing or tattoos" (Kemp High School).

Most principals seem to want their students to behave, to avoid showing body piercing or tattoos. Guys should look neat. Even their mustaches should meet the school's guidelines. As for girls, they can wear spaghetti straps or strapless dresses. Our advice would be to know what your school's guidelines are before you start shopping for the dress.

Nebraska School Publishes Prom Guidelines

It makes sense that some school principals want to give parents and students some clear guidelines about what to wear and what to avoid. This way, everybody will be able to shop for the right dresses or gowns. Holdrege High School takes a proactive stance on this issue. It is a mark of leadership.

"While prom is scheduled for April 9th, I know many of the girls are starting to shop for prom dresses. Remember that Holdrege High School does have a dress code for prom. The dress code applies to all students and their guests attending this event. Holdrege High School students and administration developed this dress code. If you have questions about the dress code, please feel free to contact the high school office.

Prom Dress Code

Prom is an important and integral part of the school experience at Holdrege High School and for the Holdrege community. Prom provides an opportunity for students and faculty members to interact at a formal social event. Preserving prom as a formal social event and positive learning experience for students is a priority for Holdrege High School.

Everyone attending prom, including guests, is expected to dress and behave appropriately for a formal evening social event. This would include the following guidelines:

•Young men are expected to wear formal evening attire that would include a tuxedo, suit with a tie, or sport coat and slacks with a tie.

•Young women are expected to wear formal evening attire that would include a formal evening gown or other similar dresses/outfits. Dresses may not expose a bare midriff or have a side slit higher than the tips of the wearer’s fingers when the wearer’s hands are at her sides. Two-piece dresses/outfits are allowed provided that they do not expose any midriff.

•Body piercings other than those in the ear are not allowed.

•Exposed tattoos are not allowed.

•Public displays of affection other than holding hands are not permitted.

•All other Holdrege High School behavior rules will apply for the entire evening.

Prom is intended to be a fun and positive learning experience for all students. The above guidelines will be enforced for the prom dinner and dance. Faculty members will make the final decision as to whether a student’s dress and behavior are appropriate. Students and guests may be asked to leave prom if their dress or behavior does not meet the above guidelines.

“The prosperity of a country depends, not on the abundance of its revenues, nor on the strength of its fortifications, nor on the beauty of its public buildings; but it consists in the number of its cultivated citizens, in its men of education, enlightenment, and character.”

- Martin Luther, Leader of German Reformation (1483-1546)

The Holdrege Public School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, marital status, disability, or age in admission or access to, or treatment of employment, in its programs and activities. The following person(s) has/have been designated to handle inquiries regarding complaints, grievance procedures or the application of these policies of nondiscrimination."

How many other schools present such a clear policy?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Dedicated to JLO's Fashion Line and Boutiques: JLO Dresses, JLO Ring etc

Congratulations to the new Miss Seventeen, Samantha Blaze

According to MTV, Samanthas Blaze who hailed from Clovis, CA, is the new Miss Seventeen. Miss Seventeen was an AP scholar of distinction according to the Clovis Indepedent. Hey folks, Miss Blaze has as much brain power as culture to be the new Miss Seventeen.

It's time that Clovis, CA gets recognized for the quality of people who form the community. In the greater Fresno-Clovis areas, there's more headline to come from their residents.

Keep doing the right thing. Remain focused on your goals, Miss Seventeen!

Sweet16Dress Shop Congratulates you.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Desperate Housewives show displays the latest fashion. It's a show to watch if you want to stay informed about the latest trends in fashion.

Destiny's Child will break up but the members' sense of fashion will live on.

JLO Emerges as More Confident with New Lines of Clothes. She is a well-trimmed machine ready to conquer the world of fashion and high business.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Magical Dress, a creation by Zac Posen! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


Gorgeous! Indeed! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


Dress up to feel like a woman! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B wants to dress you up!

Show your style and be a leader! An influencer among your friends is what you need to be! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


Be Sexy When You Want To! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


Bold and Confident! Be Rude! NewYorkNewYorkBiz's Fashion


A great gown for a sweet sixteen!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Latin Hip Hop & Reggaeton Artists: The Masters of their own Domains

Latin hip hop stations are popping up all over the country. Miami has always been known for its latin-centric TV and radio stations. The influence of the Cuban American experience in the state is very strong. To a large measure, educated Cuban Americans not only support their cuisine, culture, but also their music and jazz.

After Miami, you find other markets where Latin hip hop and Reggaeton influences are strong. New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Las Vegas and Dallas some of the major American cities where you can listen to Latin Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Caribbean music styles largely influenced by the Jamaicans, Haitians and tropical sounds.

Some of the big name artists in Reggaeton are Daddy Yankee, Tego Caderon, Don Omar, Ivy Queen and Wisin y Yandel. We must not forget such Latin hip hop acts as Baby Bash, Frankie J. and NB Ridaz, Capone-E, Mr. Lil One, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, and a Lighter Shade of Brown.

Just like Bob Marley created a revolution with his rhythmic lyrics and drums that accentuate Jamaican Reggae, Reggaeton artists are bringing their own personal, cultural and ethnic flavors to the new genre.

What it comes down to is that people are appreciating it. They are dancing to it.

If you want to find out what Latin hip hop and Reggaeton sound like, check out this compilation titled, "Viva Hip Hop: Best of Radio's Latin Hip Hop."

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cool Dresses Designed by top designers and Worn by Celebrities

Flunk it if you have the body. These ladies, actresses and young women do have it. So they are showing it.

Ashlee simpson wore an all-black dress. Carmen Electra walked on the white carpet wearing an electric orange Cavalli gown. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas could not stop showing off her beautiful back in a yellow and green dress. Who could miss Kelly Clarkson of "American Idol?"

Kelly Clarkson wore a vintage gold low-backed gown. Beyonce donned a Dolce silver sequined goddess gown. Nelly Furtado wore a skimpy yellow jersey dress designed by Ella Moss.

Paris Hilton was taken by the latin sensation designer Esteban Cortazar's ruby dress. As for Gwen Stefani, besides winning a $50,000 for a charity, she wore a cheetah-print outfit. Now the difference between her dress and that of actress Lindsay Lohan are the straps. Her figure was showing very well in the cheetah-print dress she donned for the evening.

British sensation, Joss Stone, donned a Gap long denim skirt with a peasant top. Hilary Duff wore a beaded flapper gown that was exceptionally right for the occasion. It was in great taste. Among the men, Mr Dapper, Usher had on all Bottega Veneta's powder-blue blazer, white slacks and open yellow shirt. Men are mixing up the colors creating a very good effect. Who else to think about? Jay-Z, Beyonce's man, wore a navy pinstriped suit. Rapper The Game donned a white cotton suit with red bandana tie draped over a tunic.

The dresses will live on: Destiny's Child Will be Remembered by their music and taste in dresses

Welcome to Sweet 16 Dress Shop: Hot Sexy Dresses worn by celebrities

If you are looking for the perfect dress, we hope to help you out. If you are looking for a prom, homecoming and quinceanera dress, we'll guide you.

By the way, did I see the dress Kelly Clarkson is wearing somewhere else before? Antonio Bandera's wife, Melanie Griffith wore a similar dress at the last Oscar award ceremony.

Beautiful Prom, Quinceanera & Evening Gowns and Dresses

You will be able to find more dresses, gowns and Oscar, Emmy and MTV Music Video awards dresses.

Sources: As seen at the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards

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